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What Qualities are there?

Geraniol is available as a biocide in two qualities. Apart from the possibility of using natural geraniol an ultrapure synthetic geraniol is used in the production of biocides.


Natural Geraniol

Especially large quantities of geraniol can be found in Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii, 70-85%). This lemon grass species does not have a lemon odour but has the sweet flowery odour of its main component the ethereal oil geraniol. Natural geraniol is gained by steam extraction from Palmarosa grass.


Synthetic Geraniol

As natural resources cannot meet the global requirements for geraniol and all of its possible applications an ultrapure synthetic geraniol is used in many areas. Synthetic geraniol is an intermediate industrial product in the production of scents and flavours e.g. citronell and citral.

Available Products and Quantities


The primary requirement of all Fulltec AG products is a proven and for the consumer transparent effect.
Agents that are harmless to humans and the environment and have an excellent effect doesn’t have to be a paradox.


Finished products

The geraniol-based finished products of Fulltec AG are made with high grade raw materials and are produced according to internationally valid standards and can be configured according to customer requirements.


For companies that prefer a simple and uncomplicated alternative Fulltec AG provides its "Representative Formula" as a water soluble premix.


For industrial and contract customers Fulltec AG offers geraniol-based finished formulas/products in bulk.


For companies that prefer their own formulas Fulltec AG offers geraniol as a concentrated agent and supports formula development.

Quantity: 20 kg

Quantity: 90 kg or 180 kg

Quantity: 540 kg or 900 kg

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